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Owned and operated by Stan Hart, VideoMonkey Productions is a no-budget film making and special make-up and visual FX Production Company. We do DV video production and editing and FX for a mere fraction of the cost of a 'professional' company. Not that we are not professional, but where they are doing it to make some money, we here at VideoMonkey Productions do it for pure enjoyment of the art. Our Independant Spirit and Guerrila attitude, as well as our ability to adapt, improvise and overcome in any situation makes not so much a matter of how much it will cost to do something, but a matter of what we can do with what we have that will be as impressive as possible. We make you a zombie or give you hideous wounds just by going through your kitchen cupboards.

We have been involved with a few feature length films including AWAKENING: ZOMBIE NIGHT 2, the award winning REEL ZOMBIES, SERPENT MOUND and ZOMBIE SUMMER SCHOOL as well as many of our own short film projects and the FILMS UNKNOWN CULT & KOOL Webshow. We have also produced music videos, shot live shows, did rear projection elements and a full length DVD for the band FUGITIVE UNDERGROUND. We have even done corporate videos for Santa Maria Foods ULC.

If you have a project that requires an extra camera or production members in most any capacity or needs some Make-Up FX or if you have an idea and need a production crew to make it happen or if you just want to jump in and get involved with no-budget Independant Film Making, contact us and we'll show you what we can do. We also do all manner of editing, so we can turn those old VHS home movies into something special and put it on DVD for you. There is not much we can not do.

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