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In our very first Webisode we take a look at an obscure little horror anthology called Creeptales. A series of tales, all by different directors, and all shot back in the eighties, are linked together with a wrap-around story much in the manner of CREEPSHOW. This movie is a personal favourite of both Stan and Jamie. It has horror and laffs and is a perfect throw-in flick for Halloween night.
Note our attempt to recreated the lighting scheme of the wrap-around episode...

Episode 1 - Creeptales

Episode 2 - Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse of Ed Wood

This time we ham it up with the master of ham (and cheese) and horror and cheaply shot Independant features, Mr Creepo, as we take a look at his opus Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires. We laugh it up at the seeming bad acting and goofs and low production values of the movie (the spirit of Ed Wood truly does haunt this one!), but is all this just incompentance, or could it possibly be that it is deliberate? Mr Creepo, is he hack or genius? You can decide for yourself, but he sure is entertaining.

Note my cheesy first time attempt with AE at digital FX..

Episode 3 - The Traveler

This time we toss an eye at an obscure little Indie flick called THE TRAVELER. Sure it starts out slow, but when it gets going, boy does it get going... it even made your friendly neighbourhood VideoMonkey cringe.... It's sort of a take on that TV series 'Survivor', only in a old haunted house and when someone gets voted off, they go off in a most brutal gory fashion.

Episode 4 - Deadscapes

This time it's a zombie double-feature!!
We compare and contrast the first two installments in Kristofer Velasquez's DEADSCAPES series of movies. Actually there are only two movies in his series but from what we see, we hope there is more...many more!

These are so obscure that there isn't even an IMDb listing for them, but you can check out the Film makers website at 

Episode 5 - Strange Things Happen at Sundown

Yeap! More Indie Vampires! But not just any vampires. This bunch of vampires includes psychopaths, sociopaths, killers, loonies, weirdos, and some very cool mobsters. IF you are tired of those same old same old Goth Indie vampire movies, then this movie will revive your interest in the genre. And if you have never even seen a Independant movie before, than this movie is the one I recommend you start with (it's that cool)!!!

This is definitely an episode to watch in full screen, if only for the trailer part!! Jaime thinks the Mobsters are too much like the Sopranos, but I've never seen the show (being as broadcast Televison sucks and I don't watch much of it), but I liked them.

The one is brought to you by Insane-O-Rama Productions.

Episode 6 - DEAD OR ALIVE

From the 'Rabid Dog' Asian Film Maker Takashi Miike comes one of the most over the top films we have ever seen. Like the tagline says:

WARNING: This motion picture contains explicit portrayals of violence; sex; violent sex; sexual violence; clowns and violent scenes of violent excess, which are definitely not suitable for all audiences.

And seriously it does! The first ten minutes is perhaps the most chaotic viceral assault of high energy sex and violence ever put to film.

And although Jaime wasn't happy with how Miike chose to wrap this flick up, I thought it was cool from beginning to end.

Episode 7 - Le BAGMAN - Profession: Meurtrier

We check out LE BAGMAN, or in English, THE BAGMAN, an utra-violent over-the-top action/gore epic. This flick is very much in the spirit of Andreas Schnaas, only this one is from Quebec and in French, instead of Germany in German.

Although severly lacking in such things as plot or social relevence, this flick rocks in the action-violence department. And I think that is the whole point!!! It's funny and violent and, in fact, it is so coolly funny and violent, it has won awards!

The Bagman is a homicidal killing machine who wears a paper bag on his head and has every sharp impliment imaginable tucked under his trenchcoat. When his name is said three times, look out 'cause no one is going to survive!

If you like farout crazy gory violent deaths and maybe want to learn a bit of French too, check this flick out.

Episode 8 - AMONG US

This time we check out the Polonia Brother's epic Big Foot movie, AMONG US.

Personally, it's my favourite of all their movies. These guys can take no budget and a lot of passion for film making, and turn out some really cool B-grade movies.

This one is a mixed bag of comedy, horror, mockumentary (a la Blair Witch Project), and B-exploitation campiness!

It's also Jaime's first time editing an Webisode and it turned out great!!


It's been 30 years since this classic came out and it still holds up today as well as it did 30 years ago (that is if you don't read the IMDb about the ending).

Jaime has the take that it's a well done Pyscho Santa movie, with a super creepy killer. I, on the other hand, looked at it as more of a Shakespearian type tragedy with the Santa Killer being more on the level of Micheal Douglas in FALLING DOWN. It just goes to show though, that no matter your take on this, it is an enjoyable movie.

Jaime did the editing on this one and I know he purposely screwed the aspect ratio and format on this so that when I ripped and compressed and fixed everything and got it up online it would have the quality of my old VHS copy of this movie and we'd all be hit with a wave of nostalgia!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from us at Films Unknown Cult & Kool and may you stockings be stuffed with DVDs.


We received this screener from a group of first time renagade filmmakers. Having no inkling of what we were in for, we tossed the DVD in and were blown the hell away!!!

This is such as amazing movie. It gives a whole new twist to the retro-psychotronic-surreal-satanic-independant-horror film genre.

It's not in wide-release yet, but visit the website:


And see some wild BTS stuff and you can email the BAD PEOPLE behind this epic movie and request a password to watch it streaming online.

Watch the movie here: 

Watch the movie here: 

Watch the movie here: 

Watch the movie here: